“After five years in existence the HeartLand Tour had experienced a substantial amount of growth in its events and as an organization. By early 2012 it had become clear to our volunteer board that we needed someone to take on a paid role, however our budget did not allow for a full time staff member. We needed someone who could work varied hours and offer a diverse skill set, on a contract basis. Kickstand has been the perfect resource. Event planning and marketing expertise have added great value to the HeartLand Tour and we now have the capacity to develop new programs, recruit new volunteers and grow our community events!”

– Dr. Nicholas Giacomantonio, HeartLand Tour President


“Kickstand is definitely a resource I will reach out to again in the future! 21inc has experienced a great deal of growth in the last few years and I was seeking an external resource I could trust for an upcoming project. The diversity of services that Kickstand offers was a great fit with our 21 Leaders program. I knew I could trust Kickstand with our important stakeholder relationships and the best interests of 21inc would be a priority. Important new connections were made as the mentorship portion of the program was developed and it was a relief for me to know Kickstand would take all measures to complete the tasks at hand.”

– Nadine Duguay, Executive Director, 21inc


“What an unbelievable event. Easily the best and most organized I have ever been to… by far!  The attention to detail, camaraderie, and extra bells and whistles were phenomenal and made for the best weekend of my summer.  Kickstand did a phenomenal job.”

– Dan MacDougall, Tour for Kids Atlantic Participant