Kickstand provides marketing and communication strategies to a range of clients including non-profit organizations, political campaigns, and small businesses.


Kickstand knows how to get the word out about your business.  We excel in developing communications strategies, enhancing your online and social media presence, writing/developing web content, and increasing your traditional media exposure via public relations campaigns.  Kickstand can also work with you to target specific areas of your organization that you want to highlight: we do the research and risk management to create the perfect communication plan for your project.

As an independent consulting firm, we understand the need to keep certain projects confidential and can offer services that can help grow your organization, without disturbing your public presence.

Samples of work:

Client: A large membership based non-governmental organization (wishing to remain anonymous)

Project: Obtained significant traditional (newspaper, print, radio) and social media presences by writing and issuing press releases related to the launch of a policy statement from the organization.  Monitored all traditional and social media forums for public commentary and reported back to the client weekly on public awareness and opinion.


Client: The NS HeartLand Tour

Project: Developed and implemented a strategic marketing and communications plan that included creating and managing a social media presence for the organization, implementing a newsletter to keep stakeholders informed, and exploring all avenues of traditional media (print, radio and television). New sponsors and volunteers were recruited to ensure smooth implementation of the plan, resulting in a stronger brand, new opportunities for sponsorship exposure, and participation growth at the event.


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