Kickstand offers objective advice for your organizational design and governance structure to help you work smarter.


We work with organizations to develop a strategy that allows them to expand on strengths and eliminate weak links – very useful for non-profit organizations considering a restructuring.

Services offered:

  • Strategic relationship development and the management of important relationships
    (i.e. volunteers, sponsors, and other stakeholders)
  • Research
  • Developing and implementing fundraising strategies
  • Corporate sponsorship recruitment and retention
  • Recruiting and organizational development


For small businesses and non-profit organizations that are ready to expand their team or embark on their first hiring process, Kickstand is the ideal partner to help you through the selection process – from start to finish.  Often when small organizations determine the need to hire, there are limited resources to help execute a hiring process.  Kickstand can help, and for a lower cost than large size recruiting firms.  A tailored package can include creating your job description, determining the best places to advertise (either with or without a budget), and conducting interviews on your behalf – saving you precious time and presenting the final candidates for your approval.

Samples of work:


Project: Conceived, planned, and implemented a strategic planning session for the Board of Directors.  Retained a professional moderator to donate a full day of work to oversee strategic planning session that eventually led to the recruitment of a new Board Chair, several new Board Members, and the continuation of the organization.

Testimonial:  “The strategic planning session saved our organization.  We were at a very precarious time and had Ashley not conceived and executed this project, I truly believe our organization would not exist.  Today – largely because of this planning session – we remain a vibrant and active organization with a tremendous amount on our plate.”
– Paul MacQueen, Board Member


Client: The NS HeartLand Tour

Project: In 2012 when the NS HeartLand Tour identified the need to have a resource who could work alongside the President to manage their important relationships with stakeholders, Kickstand was a natural fit. The project included restructuring the organization by asset mapping and recruiting new resources.

Testimonial:  “After five years in existence the HeartLand Tour had experienced a substantial amount of growth in its events and as an organization. By early 2012 it had become clear to our volunteer board that we needed someone to take on a paid role, however our budget did not allow for a full time staff member. We needed someone who could work varied hours and offer a diverse skill set, on a contract basis. Kickstand has been the perfect resource. Event planning and marketing expertise have added great value to the HeartLand Tour and we now have the capacity to develop new programs, recruit new volunteers and grow our community events!”
– Dr. Nicholas Giacomantonio, HeartLand Tour President

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